Bani Malhotra

Art Therapist and Researcher

Bani Malhotra


Painting using mixed media

When Words Are Not Enough, 16X20 Mixed Media (donated to American Art Therapy Association)

Painting using hot wax

Wheeling Is Just Like Flying, 16"x16" Encaustic (hot wax) on wood

Madhubani art inspired diptych with tree motifs

Indian folk art- Madhubani inspired diptych, 12" X 20" Pen on paper

Sculpture of found objects in the form of a blue palace

Palace of Illusions, 16"X20"X18" Found Objects Sculpture

Resin coaster with a pink embedded flower

Resin coaster with embedded flower 4"x4"

Abstract art on a cube with embedded text

Inspiring art that reaches far beyond, 1"x1", Encaustic on Wooden Cube

Closeup of a mixed media art on time

Closeup of a painting Kaal (time), Mixed media on antique frame

Embroidery photo of a marigold flower

Observation study of a marigold, Embroidery on silk

Digital drawing of 2 women looking at the mountains

Postcard 1, Digital drawing on self-clicked photograph

Digital drawing of a girl looking at a seagull

Postcard 2, Digital drawing on self-clicked photograph

Art showing a person with abstract prison background

In Between, 1"x1" Encaustic on wooden cube

Embroidery hoop with stitch process

In-process couching stitch