Bani Malhotra

Art Therapist and Researcher

Bani Malhotra


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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (reverse chronology)

  1. Malhotra, B., Haith, L., Stair-Buchman, M., & Kaimal, G. (2022). “Through the fire and flames, we carry on:” Art Therapy Small N Feasibility Study with Adult Burn Patients in an Acute Care Setting. Journal of Burn Care & Research.
  2. Malhotra, B., & Gussak, D. E. (2022). Reconciling Demonically-Monstrous Self-images in those Labeled as Sex Offenders. Art Therapy.
  3. Malhotra, B., Anand, S. A., & Kaimal, G. (2022). Art Therapy in Burn Cases: A Review and Case Examples. Annals of Plastic Surgery, 88(2), S120-S127. doi: 10.1097/SAP.0000000000003103
  4. Arslanbek, A., Malhotra, B., & Kaimal, G. (2022). Indigenous and traditional arts in art therapy: Value, meaning, and clinical implications. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 77, 101879.
  5. Malhotra, B., & Kaimal, G. (2021). Art therapy in pediatric burn care: A conceptual framework for clinical practice. Burns Elsevier.
  6. De Witte, M., Orkibi, H., Zarate, R. Karkou, V., Sajnani, N., Malhotra, B., Ho, R., Kaimal, G., Baker, F.A., & Koch, S.C. (2021). From Therapeutic Factors to Mechanisms of Change in the Creative Arts Therapies: A Scoping Review. Frontiers in Psychology.
  7. Malhotra, B., Dieterich-Hartwell, R., DeBeer, B., Burns, C., & Kaimal, G. (2021). Collage-based graphic elicitation method for capturing the lived experiences of veterans with Gulf War illness. Life Sciences, 284, 119656. Refereed open access article in the Special Issue: Gulf War Illness State of the Science
  8. Snyder, K., Malhotra, B., & Kaimal, G. (2021). Team value and visual voice: Healthcare providers’ perspectives on the contributions and impact of Art Therapy in pediatric hematology/oncology clinics. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 75, 101808.
  9. Malhotra, B., & Gussak, D. E. (2021). Journey: A strength-based art therapy approach with those who have sexually offended. Art Therapy, 38(4), 173-180.
  10. Malhotra, B. (2019). Art Therapy with Puppet Making to Promote Emotional Empathy for an Adolescent with Autism. Art Therapy, 36(4), 183-191.

Manuscripts under review

  1. Malhotra, B., & Gussak, D.E. Nourishing and Flourishing a Diverse Mentoring Dynamic in Art Therapy. The Arts in Psychotherapy.

Book Chapters

  1. Kaimal. G., Arslanbek, A., & Malhotra, B. Approaches to Research in Art Therapy. In M. Rastogi, R. Feldwisch, M. Pate, & J. Scarce [Eds.], Foundations in Art Therapy: Theory and Practice (pp. 159-194). Academic Press.
  2. Kaimal, G., Walker, M., Spooner, H., Magsamen, S., Malhotra, B., & Legari., S. Exhibitions as Therapeutic Settings that Promote Health, Education and Well-Being. In D.J. Betts, & V. Huet [Eds.], Bridging the Creative Arts Therapies and Arts in Health Toward Inspirational Practice (pp. 215-235), Jessica Kingsley.

Select Blog Entries

  1. Malhotra, B. (2022, September). My Journey Exploring Medical Art Therapy for Burn Care: From Practice to Applied Research. AATA Blog
  2. Malhotra, B. (2021, January 28). Am I Well Rested? My Reflections on the 7 Types of Rest. AATA Blog
  3. Prasad, S., Anand, S.A., & Malhotra, B. (2021, June 15). When Dreams Come True – Establishing an Art Therapy Master’s Program in India. AATA Blog